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Deanna Brewster


Deanna Brewster

A seasoned Senior Employment Consultant with over 5 years of experience in guiding individuals towards successful career paths. Her expertise lies in Vocational Counselling, Mentoring, Job Placement, and facilitating Educational and Motivational programs. With a genuine passion for fostering Emotional Intelligence, promoting Mental Health awareness, and offering Trauma Education, Deanna is deeply invested in cultivating wellness and positive workplace cultures. She takes pride in catering her services to the unique needs of each individual, striving for sustainable and empowering outcomes. Her empathetic approach connects with diverse clients, building confidence through lived experiences. Specialising in complex and psychological claims, she offers holistic Return-to-Work support and excels in local labour market knowledge. Offering comprehensive support and guidance, her goal is to empower individuals facing complex injuries, championing their journey towards self-empowerment and resilience.